Speech Training for Children

Children achieve best results when they are stimulated and inspired. Vicki’s vocal sessions are fun, lively, creative and most importantly produce fast results. The emphasis is on the individual. The majority of vocal problems, including unclear speech, can be remedied with the right training. It’s better to address vocal concerns at an early age. Vicki guides her pupil so they develop their own voice naturally from within.  Learning how to produce the voice from a safe place prevents vocal fatigue and damage in later life. The aim is to build up muscular agility and extend and ‘stretch’ the vocal range so the voice is free and flexible. This ensures the voice is authentic which brings about a greater confidence in the individual.

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Clarity.  The nuts and bolts of good speech are providing the right tools to bring about a greater clarity. Tongue twisters have always been popular and are an enjoyable method to help sharpen the speech and mind.

Expression through Literature.  Children respond well with stimulating literature. Traditional and contemporary pieces, from poetry, prose and plays, are carefully chosen together to suit the individual. The mood is heightened as they connect to stirring speeches. Playing the various characters (including animals) encourages and brings out a greater expression.

Vocal awareness.  Pupils are encouraged to focus and develop a new vocal awareness. This is about being aware of what is happening in all vocal areas, including posture, when one speaks.

Posture. During the voice session, Vicki checks her pupil’s posture carefully – especially in relation to the head, neck, chest and spine. The voice is very sensitive to any tension in the body. Children are often prone to pushing from the throat and thrusting the neck or chest forward. This comes from an old belief that they have to stand rigid to attention, before speaking. This only serves to tighten the chest and separate them from their voice.  In addition, it creates a shallow, breathless tone. However, with guidance they will soon learn a new and safer way to deport themselves.

Body Language   Gaining the art of keeping still is a valuable asset. It’s about developing control, inner poise and calm. Learning to be relaxed, with an absence of constant and unnecessary movements, commonly known as fidgeting, is a rare but valuable asset. A fidgety body harbours a fidgety mind. It is difficult to engage with a child, or anyone who cannot be still and at ease.  Vicki encourages and trains her pupils gently, using humour, fun exercises, mirror work, techniques and role play to.  Pupils are keen to throw off old habits and discard their former fidgety ways. Vicki directs the pupils in short period scenes and playlets. This gives pupils the opportunity to put all they have learned into practice in the most creative and enjoyable way. When children connect with their character, it encourages them deport themselves naturally and gracefully.

Vicki’s message to all parents. Your child will go far if he or she can stand still. 

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