Voice Coaching

Voice coaching sessions are tailor-made to the individual and therefore specific exercises are required rather than general ones. However, here is the typical format of what might be expected during a two-hour session beginning with:

Consultation: To begin the session the student reads a short narrative so that the coach can assess the vocal possibilities and areas where work is needed. Vocal objectives are discussed.

Warm-ups: The student will be taught a series of exercises and techniques that are necessary to prepare the voice for further work. Tongue-twisters are included which are great fun and promote agility and clarity resulting in clear speech.

Exercises and Techniques: Exercises are fun and build confidence. Develop muscular agility in the vocal organs through entertaining exercises like tongue twisters, rhymes and dialogues that will also improve your knowledge of the language.

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Included in the session

Correct Breathing

Correct breathing makes an immediate and dramatic difference to the way we speak and project ourselves. We teach you to breathe correctly, exercise your diaphragm and make full use of the rib-cage.

Accent and Timing

A strong accent can sometimes be an obstacle to communication. We help you to soften or eliminate a strong accent. We teach you the value of pause, change of pitch, change of pace and emphasis.


Good pronunciation is essential if you are to communicate effectively. We teach you to pronounce words fully and accurately,  recognising their correct shape and sound, paying particular attention to vowels and consonants.


Tone and colour in speech make an enormous difference to what is being said. We help you to eliminate predictable speech patterns and learn to vary and intensify your speech through inflection, tone and phrasing.


Well sounded vowels enhance speech and reduce accents.  Guidance through a variety of techniques, will enable students to pronounce the various long and short vowels they specifically need to work on. In addition it improves the quality of speech.

Posture, Speech and Movement

The way we move and the gestures we make as we speak have a great impression on the people around us. We help you to: develop an attractive upright posture, gesture and deportment; learn to communicate with clear strong gestures and movements.


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