One-to-One Professional Speech Training for Doctors and Medical Staff

Good speech is essential to career progression. For those who work in medicine, clear speech and communication is vital to success. The main objective of this training is to guide professionals towards a good standard of spoken English.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at all medical staff, from all specialties, who wish to improve their speech and communication skills.

What does the training involve?

The initial steps will be to learn key disciplines, such as clear diction, accurate pronunciation and using the correct grammar. Work will also be done on voice production (how you produce the voice). This involves correct breathing, linking ribs and diaphragm, to support and strengthen the voice. Vocal projection, to increase power and volume, without straining. Vocal skills, including intonation, stress and rhythm, good timing and use of pause, to help deliver the information effectively.


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What is professional speaking?

Professional speaking is the ability to communicate clearly using an appropriate style and manner. The voice should have strength, quality and richness of tone. Speech should be fluent and natural. Sentences and phrases need to be expressed with brevity using a simple, uncomplicated style. Oral communication should be supported by good and appropriate posture, body language and facial gestures.


What are the benefits of good communication?

The ability to communicate well and have a good professional manner is an essential quality for those who work in medicine. Doctors are required to communicate well in several situations:

  • talking to patients and relatives that may be distressed and anxious and have problems such as hearing impairment
  • interaction with professional colleagues where a confident and authoritative manner is important, such as on ward rounds and in team meetings
  • presenting at meetings
  • answering questions in oral examinations
  • answering questions posed by the coroner in the Coroner’s Court or by barristers (who may have had similar speech training) in the Crown Court
  • dictating to secretaries
  • working with patients in mental health where correct communication is essential.


How do I improve after the training?

You will be encouraged to apply methods you have learnt during the training in all speaking situations. Pupils will have ample opportunity to master specific exercises and techniques during the training so they can continue to improve at home. Vicki also provides recordings, prepared specifically to the individual, as well as lists of voice exercises to help refresh.


Where does the training take place?

The training usually takes place at the comfortable and elegant voice studio in Hampstead – a prime location and ideally positioned for all public transport. Free parking outside the premises is available. The nearest tube is Hampstead (northern line) a three or four minute straight path to the venue.


Home/ Office Training

Training can be delivered in the comfort of the pupil’s own home or office by special arrangement.


Skype and Telephone Training

An excellent alternative for those who are unable to attend sessions in person.


Who is my tutor?

Vicki Carpenter, the founder of London Voice Coaching, is a classically trained actress, specialising in all aspects of voice and speech. She has had almost twenty years experience in teaching a wide range of professional people including doctors, barristers, politicians, preachers, auctioneers, teachers, actors and the business arena. High profile areas she has worked in include, The House of Lords, the media, radio, law and finance.

She was a tutor at the internationally acclaimed Lucie Clayton, specialising in elocution, voice, presentation, public speaking, posture, etiquette and all aspects of personal development.

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