What do I offer?

Expert voice and speech training, elocution lessons and accent softening. All lessons are individually planned with the pupil’s needs in mind.

Who needs it?

  • Native English speakers
  • Overseas students
  • Adults and children
  • Businesses and professionals
  • Individuals and groups

What are the objectives?

A high standard of spoken English; Confident and effective communication; Precision, clarity and accuracy in the spoken word; a strong, flexible, pleasant, well-modulated voice; Natural, fluent and spontaneous delivery; All round social confidence.

Where can I learn?

Hampstead or on site anywhere in the UK

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What will I learn?

Pronunciation: Good pronunciation is essential if you are to communicate effectively. Learn to pronounce words fully and accurately, recognizing their correct shape and sound, paying particular attention to vowels and consonants.

Accent: A thick accent can sometimes be an obstacle to communication. Soften or eliminate a strong accent.

Grammar: Poor grammar can be embarrassing and lead to confusion. Get to grips with basic grammar and idiom.

Exercises: Exercises are fun and build confidence. Develop muscular agility in the vocal organs through entertaining exercises like tongue twisters, rhymes and dialogues

Breathing: Correct breathing makes an immediate and dramatic difference to the way we speak and project ourselves. Learn to breathe correctly, exercise your diaphragm and make full use of the rib-cage.

Posture, Speech and Movement: The way we move – and the gestures we make as we speak – have a great impression on the people around us. Develop an attractive upright posture, working on posture, gesture and deportment, learning to communicate with clear, strong, gestures and movements.

Expression: Tone and colour in speech make an enormous difference to what is being said. Eliminate predictable speech patterns and learn to vary and intensify your speech through inflection, tone and phrasing.

Timing: Good timing is everything. Learn the value of pause, change of pitch, change of pace and emphasis.

Idioms: English is a rich, eccentric language. Get to grips with English idioms and how (and how not) to use them.

Reading and Recitation: Test and polish your skills through reading aloud and recitation of carefully chosen pieces

Role Play: Engage in role play relevant to everyday situations at home or at work

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